Acquiring and exploring mineral resource projects in Argentina.

Centenera Mining Corporation

Argentina is a country rich in natural resources and is home to some of the largest mineral deposits in South America and employs more than 500,000 workers directly in its mining industry. The world's largest mining companies, such as Glencore, Barrick, AngloGold and Yamana have invested heavily in Argentina over the last 10 years and multiple mine construction & expansion projects are in progress or imminent.

The country held Presidential elections in October 2015 and a run-off in November 2015. The opposition candidate, Mauricio Macri, won the election, bringing a change of government. The election was won on promises to make substantial changes to existing policies, with economic reform at the top of the agenda.

Since taking office, Argentine President Mauricio Macri has rapidly implemented changes to promote foreign investment in his country, including abolishing export duties and trade controls, and eliminating exchange rate and capital controls. These policy changes, and others, have boosted consumer and business confidence and the administration is starting to succeed in reining in the country's high inflation rate. Moody's has forecast that GDP will expand by 3% in 2017. The country's mining sector is now set to take advantage of this "new" Argentinian market.

In an underexplored, highly prospective country, the changing political landscape presents an exciting opportunity. Centenera Mining Corporation is an Argentina-focused resource company holding a hard-rock tantalum-lithium pegmatite project and several precious metals projects. The company is seeking to acquire additional projects including precious metals and copper projects.

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