Acquiring and exploring mineral resource projects in Argentina.

Centenera Mining Corporation

Centenera Mining Corp. is an Argentina-focussed mineral exploration company. The Company takes its name from Martín del Barco Centenera, the Spanish cleric and explorer who in 1602 published his poem "La Argentina", a document of considerable historical and documentary value. A street in the Argentina capital Buenos Aires is named after him and he is one of 29 persons included in the Monumento a España (Monument to Spain), a Buenos Aires sculptural ensemble made by Arturo Dresco and inaugurated in 1936.

Argentina is a country rich in natural resources and is home to some of the largest mineral deposits in South America. The world's largest mining companies have invested heavily in Argentina over the last 10 years and multiple mine construction & expansion projects are in progress or imminent. The country held Presidential elections in late 2015 and elected Mauricio Macri on promises to make substantial changes to existing policies, with economic reform at the top of the agenda.

Since taking office, President Mauricio Macri has rapidly implemented changes to promote foreign investment in his country, including abolishing export duties and trade controls, and eliminating exchange rate and capital controls. He also quickly negotiated an agreement with holdout creditors from Argentina's 2001 default, setting the stage for the country's return to international debt market in April 2016. These policy changes, and others, have boosted consumer and business confidence and the administration is starting to succeed in reining in the country's high inflation rate.

For mining in particular, the creation of the new Energy and Mining Ministry in late 2015 and the lifting of export duties on all metals were both positive developments. Most importantly, the National Administration and Federal Mining Council (COFEMIN) has signed off on a Federal Mining Agreement (2017), which will deal with Provincial inconsistencies and present a united Federal policy for mining.

In an underexplored, highly prospective country, the changing political landscape presents an exciting opportunity for Centenera Mining Corporation. The company is seeking to acquire additional projects including precious metals and copper projects.

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